Montell Fish - Hotel (Instrumental)


Originally produced by Montell Fish

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When I met you in that hotel room
I could tell that you were so bad news
But I keep messin' with ya, messin' with ya
And now you're messin' with me, messin' with me
I keep going back to this hotel room
I just don't know what the hell to just tell you
But I love messin' with you, messin' with you
Girl, now you're messin' with me, mеssin' with me

This hotel room
You put me in, my lovе
My love
You know me, girl
Better than I know myself, my love
Hotel hell, ooh, hoo


Better than the song in honesty. Pray for Montell. No love is greater than Christ’s. Jesus keep those who lean on you in sincerity. This I pray in your name alone amen 🙌 all I feel is pain in this and misguidance, but that’s just me.