My Top 10 Folding Pocket Knives

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My Top 10 Pocket Knives from my collection.

10. Spyderco Sage 1 and 2
9. Emerson Horseman
8. Emerson Commander (I showed the mini version, but whatever fits your hand better)
7. Emerson CQC-15 (I showed the mini version for this knife too)
6. Spyderco Paramilitary
5. Hinderer XM-18
4. Strider SnG
3. CRK Sebenza 25
2. CRK Sebenza 21
1. CRK Umnumzaan

I like all these knives, but I am partial to Chris Reeve Knives. The Umnumzaan tanto is probably my favorite knife at the moment. Thanks for watching.

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14 Oct 2013



320 x 50