Answers Unleashed TV Show #2 - " Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears" With Olympia LePoint

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"10 Steps to Remove the Fear of Public Speaking" - Answers Unleashed TV Show Episode #2 With Olympia LePoint

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Are You Glossophobic? The fear of public speaking is the most common phobia ahead of death, spiders, or heights. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects about 73% of the population.

How do you overcome this fear? What does it take to become a great speaker? How do you share your expertise across the world? What are the hidden secrets to successful professional speaking? Today, Answers Unleashed Talk show host Olympia LePoint interviewers amazing experts and guests who share the process to remove your fear and become an expert speaker:

Expert Guests:

• LANCE MILLER - Lance Miller earned the World Champion of Public Speaking title in 2005.”

• TONYA MCKENZIE - As the founder of Sand & Shores, Tonya McKenzie brings more than 20 years of experience in media relations, marketing, and client relations.

• ROB BRAUN - As Founder and President of The Leadership Source™, Robb Braun brings is as a speaker, coach, author and leader in personal and professional growth seminars

• NORM HULL - Norm Hull is the founder of “Go Beyond the Norm - Motivation and Leadership Solutions.”

WATCH this Answers Unleashed TV show hosted by Olympia LePoint and discover the tips from professional speakers on how to become a world class speaker and share your message with the world. Stay tuned, as Answers Unleashed TV Show Continues…….



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23 Jul 2019