Oklahoma Sooners Game Winning Plays (Bob Stoops Era)

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Oklahoma Sooners Game Winning Plays - Bob Stoops Era
This is a video featuring all of the Oklahoma Sooners football team's game winning plays since Bob Stoops has been the head coach. The video features the plays in their entirety with the broadcast audio. This is a different type of video, that I haven't seen anybody make. So I'm not sure how it will do. If you do happen to like it please like, share, comment, and if you haven't yet, SUBSCRIBE HERE!!!
The plays occur in this order.
00:01 Torrance Marshall's Pick Six
00:54 Derrick Strait Saves Bedlam
01:39 Tim Duncan Sends Oklahoma To Miami
02:44 Roy Williams (Superman)
03:43 Rocky Calmus Recovers The Fumble To Win The Cotton Bowl
05:04 Eric Bassey's Scoop and Score
06:11 The Fake Field Goal
07:02 Mark Clayton Seals The Deal To Beat Colorado
08:25 Oklahoma State Misses The Field Goal
8:55 Jason White To Mark Bradley
9:47 OU Outlasts Baylor In OT
10:28 The Save (Clint Ingram)
11:41 OU Beats OSU 27-21 (2006)
12:34 Garrett Hartley Ices A Win Over Iowa State
13:20 The OU Defense Stops K-State
14:21 OU Defense Wins The Sun Bowl
15:50 Jamell Fleming Picks Off Utah State
16:54 Landry Jones To Trey Millard To Beat Cincinnati
17:28 Winchester Delivers The Shot Heard Around The Cotton Bowl
18:22 Landry Jones To James Hanna
19:54 Demontre Hurst Sends Nebraska To The Big 10
21:02 Landry Jones To Kenny Stills Beats FSU
21:53 Kenny Stills' Record Day Beats West Virginia 50-49
22:55 Brennan Clay's Walk Off Touchdown
24:16 Julian Wilson Seals a Big 12 Title
25:12 Blake Bell Saves Bedlam
26:34 Eric Striker Clinches a Sugar Bowl Victory
I own nothing in this video. The clips belong to ABC, ESPN, FOX, and the University of Oklahoma.
Thanks for watching! And Boomer! Sooner! Go OU!

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15 Jun 2015