Making a custom knife in M390 Steel and Carbon Fiber by Bulgarian knife maker - Silverman

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This video is made in the workshop of Bulgarian knife maker Stoil Manchev - well known here in Bulgaria like "Silverman".

During the two days project I spent more than 10 hours with the knife maker and I filmed parts of his work on this beautiful knife - "Model 1" in Carbon Fiber and M390 Steel.

The knife is special Carbon Fiber edition to the basic "Model 1" in M390 or K110 steel with green micarta.

Overall length - 20.5 cm
Blade length - 10.5 cm
Blade thickness - 4.5 mm

The M390 steel blade is heat treated to 62 Hrc at 1075 C in stainless foil and have a cryo in liquid nitrogen.

M390 composition:
Carbon 1.90%
Chromium 20.00%
Vanadium 4.00%
Molybdenum 1.00%
Silicon .70%
Tungsten .60%
Manganese .30%

The hollow grind was made on a 20 inch wheel - during the video you will see the thickness of the blade behind the cutting edge.

The abrasive belts for grinding and finishing the blade are:
- ceramic - 36 grit
- cubitron-II 60 grit
- ceramic - 120 grit
- trizact gator - A65
- scotch brite - medium

Final sharpening on diamond rotation wheels.

The knife is skeletonized full tang with SS corby bolts and SS lanyard tube.

The prices starts from 150$ to 350$ (depending the steel choice and handle material + leather sheath) with free shipping to EU or USA

You can reach the knife maker on - [email protected]

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21 Jun 2013