CURIOUS Americans visit our Masjid for the FIRST time – Look what they say !


Our Masjid (Mosque) invites our neighbors, non-Muslims to visit us, eat with us and learn about Islam. Let's listen to their amazing feedback.
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1. Why are Islamophobes turning to Islam:​​
2. Is the Shariah Law ‘Barbaric’?:​​
3. Shariah explained:​​
4. Is Jihad Holy War?:​​
5. Was Jesus a Muslim or a Christian:​​
6. She is 13 years old and her amazing advice:​​
7. Why should the Jews thank the Muslims?​​
8. Top 10 ways to End Racism?​​
9. Answering hard questions about Islam:​​
10. Christian Muslim debate with a preacher:​​
11. How to share Islam on the FOX NEWS:​​
12. Marriage advice to the newlywed REVERT groom:​​
13. 7 Habits of Highly Successful Muslims:​​
14. Who are the Sunnis and the Shias:​​
15. Part 1 – Explaining about Women in Islam to a Church lady:​​
16. Part 2 – Explaining about Women in Islam to a Church lady:​​
17. An amazing story of a grandmother and her dawah:​​
18. Christians students asking questions about Islam:​​
19. Does Islam allow 4 wives:​​
20. Watch the playlist of Videos on Sharing Islam:​...
21. Was Jesus really special? -​​​​
22. Brave Hindu Doctor converts to Islam -​​​​
23. Qadiani Professor of Accounting converts to true Islam -​​​​
24. Why do Muslim women pray separately in Islam -​​​​
25. 5 ways Khabib nurmagomedov shared Islam after his victory -​​​​
26. I was impressed by the Muslims so I converted to Islam:​​​​
27. Action plan for Muslims after the french cartoons:​​​​
28. What makes Quran a miracle -​​​​
29. Why is the hijab amazing, the muslim scarf:​​​​
30. Does the Quran say to kill the infidels? -​​​​
31. Skeptic Christians vs. Muslim speaker -​​​​
32. Mary in Islam -​​​​
33. Is the Bible reliable - DEBATE - Part 1 -​​​​
34. Is the Bible reliable - Part 2 -​​​​
35. Is the bible reliable - part 3 -​​​​
36. Atheist lady argues about violence in Islam -​​​​
37. can you say merry Christmas:​​​​
38: Why does the bible prohibit Christmas tree:​​​​
39:: a story of sister Lauren booth and her conversion to Islam:

The excellent Isa Alahissalam is a Roohullah and oncoming Paighamber messenger as an Ummate Mohammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam written in Hadees and Quran.
The only one lady alone Maryam Alahissalam has chosen by Allah Rabbul Aalemin as a best lady Musalman was in the Mosque Aqsa Baitul Moqaddas in the guardianship Zakaria Alahissalam.
Without married Without a father Maryam Alahissalam had born the son Isa Alahissalam only an order from Allah Rabbul Izzat.
When Allah wants to make or born anything any person he gives only the order and that's become. Only from order. In Quran there is written :- innama Amrohu Eza Arada Shaian Ainyaqula Lahu Kun Faya Koon. Means only from order Allah makes. Isa Alahissalam has burned only from the order of the Merciful Zabardast Allah.


Islam is a religion of peace invite all your friends to Islam. And give them books that know about Islam ♥️


May Allah bless u brother sabeel and may Allah guide all humanity to the right path 🙏 In sha Allah ❤️


Subhanallah..Muslim in the world




Mashaallah! Keep it up


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Next ALL mosques should putup pictures of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Guru Govind, Mahavira permanently....


ye to kapil sharma se bhi zyada mazakiya he.


Curious Americans? Give me a break.. Americans will camp out all night to buy a flat screen TV..Nothing strange.


Mahshallah ❤️