Lenine & Julieta Venegas Miedo Acústico MTV HD



Maestros, no hay más palabras para su interpretación


Musica top!❤


Essa música é maravilhosa !


Tenho medo de pessoas que não gostam de música de qualidade 😊




Medo de pedir arrego...


Lindo , perfeito 👏😍👏😍👏


Nada como uma boa música!


Is it on Spotify? I love it


LYRICS (English):

Fear is a shadow that fear does not evade
Fear is a trap that got in the way of love
Fear is the sable that erased life
El miedo es una grieta que agrandó el dolor

I'm afraid of people and I'm afraid of loneliness
I am afraid of life and I am afraid to die
I'm afraid to stay and afraid to escape
Fear that gives fear that gives fear

Tenho medo de acender e medo de apagar
I am afraid to wait and afraid to leave
I'm afraid to run and afraid to fall
Fear that gives fear of the fear that gives

Fear is a line that separates the world
Fear is a house where no one goes
Fear is like a noose that tightens on us
Fear is a force that won't let me walk

Tienen miedo de reir y miedo de llorar
Tienen miedo de encontrarse y miedo de no ser
Tienen miedo de decir y miedo de escuchar
Miedo que da miedo del miedo que da

I'm afraid to stop and afraid to move forward
I am afraid to tie and afraid to break
I'm afraid to demand and afraid to let go
Fear that gives fear that gives fear

Fear is a shadow that fear does not turn away
Fear is a trap that caught love
Fear is a key, that erased the life
Fear is a breach that made pain grow

El miedo es una raya que separa el mundo
El miedo es una casa donde nadie va
El miedo es como un lazo que se aprieta en nudo
El miedo es una fuerza que me impide andar

Fear of looking in the background
Afraid to turn the corner
Fear of being in the dark
Of going blank, of crossing the line
Fear of finding myself alone
Of losing your bearings, your poise and your plumb line
Fear of asking for help, fear of wandering aimlessly

Fear stamped on the face or hidden in the basement
Fear circulating in the veins
Or on a collision course
Fear is of God or of the Devil
It's order or it's confusion
Fear is fearful, fear dominates
Fear is the measure of indecision

Fear to close the face, fear to face
Fear to shut up, fear to listen
Fear of passing the buck, fear of falling
Fear of pretending, fear of sleeping
Fear of regret, fear of leaving undone
Fear of being bitter about what you didn't do
Fear of losing one's turn

Fear of running away from the line in the nick of time
Fear of dying on the beach after drinking the sea
Fear... that gives fear of the fear that gives
Miedo... que da miedo del miedo que da




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