Moving the 3 week old coturnix quail outdoors!

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can anyone tell me what type of coturnix quail i have?
I have a tuxedo and some standard, some look italian maybe?

the quail are 3 weeks old so I decided to move them outdoors seeing as the weather is really warm recently.

they love their dust bath and foraging for bugs and insects. these guys are on the ground as i couldnt bare the thought of keeping them on wire, having said that the underside of the hutch does have wire to stop potential predators from digging their way in.

I've been using dried grass clippings from the garden for their bedding which they seem to be enjoying.

i've managed to get them to drink from one of my rabbit water bottes but not the other big one which has a slightly different nozzle shape, they have a standard drinker in their too.

im stil using the chick feeder as well a a new wild bird feeder for hanging inside their coop which they like to eat from. it also keeps the feed dry, unless it falls onto a wet floor, which hasnt happened yet.

i'm letting them eat all the feed, including the dropped feed before i replace it to get them used to foraging and trying not to waste it!

i can tell i have a good few boys in this group , the girls are starting to become apparent. some i will have to wait until they are 6 weeks to do vent sexing as they cant be sexed by feathers.

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20 Jun 2014



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