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I was sent this slingbow/slingshot from a guy on to test out and do a review. So I am going to give my honest opinion on it so you folks out there can see the good and the bad before you purchase! This slingshot comes with 3 slingbow bands, 4 fishing spears, a fishing reel, a laser with a flashlight, a bag of steel balls, fishing line scissors, a picatinny rail with flashlight attachment, an armrest that has magnets to hold the steel balls, and it also come with 2 ice anchors to hold your fishing rod while ice fishing or you can use it to anchor down a tarp or tent on ice... So you are getting quite a bit for your money. Everything seems to be fairly high quality, except for the arm rest seems to be made of a cheaper plastic, and the fishing reel also feels a little cheap, but they work just fine! I also went out to the lake to see if I could shoot a spear though a pop bottle set underwater (as I don't think I could catch a fish on my first go at it lol) and to my surprise once I connected with the bottle, the spear had punctured both sides of the bottle! So you could for sure catch a fish with this. My final thoughts are that it is a good buy for the price, but I would also buy a different arm rest. Other than that, I will leave the link below if you're interested in getting one. Buy HERE: WAYS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: 1) Like, Share & Comment!! - this helps me with the YouTube algorithm... Also watching from start to finish helps too :) 2) Subscribe :) - I like making videos and hope you like them too! 3) Buy Merchandise - Check out my Facebook page for details! 4) Fan Funding via paypal: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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12 October 2018