Ali BARAN - Medina Min (2017) Performans - © Baran Müzik

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Ali Baran was born in Hozat county of Dersim (Tunceli, Turkey) in 1956. His father Mahmut Baran was also a famous musician who played saz, violin, and cümbüş and sang Kurmanji, Zazaki, and Turkish songs in the wedding ceremonies. His mother sang laviks (laments) after funerals. His grandfather Meme Baran played the violin and the tembur and sang along with those instruments. In short, Ali Baran comes from a family of musicians and bards.Born in this family dedicated to the Kurdish and Alevi music and folklore, Ali Baran starts playing davul (drum) when he is 7 years old. He would sing along his first grade teacher who plays the saz and he sings in the public ceremonies. He sings Kurdish songs in public events and starts playing saz or tembur (lute) on stage when he was 12 years old.

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19 Oct 2017