History of Grand Theft Auto (1984 - 2021) | Documentary


A full history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. From the origins of DMA Design, up to the latest updates to GTAOnline and beyond!

Celebrate nearly 25 years of one of the most iconic open world video games of all time by learning how the series has evolved.

Join me as I detail each and every game, breaking down their development history, storyline, gameplay features, visuals, and their critical reception, all backed with each game's original soundtrack.

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Even the smallest donations help me make these videos! (I record all of my own footage and need to purchase several old games for the footage)

This video in particular took me longer than any project I've ever worked on. I put a ton of passion and effort into this documentary - but even so, there are bound to be errors. Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you spot one!

Now sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the ENTIRE History of GTA!

00:00 Intro
01:56 Origin of DMA
07:56 GTA Development
12:17 GTA
17:32 GTA2 Development
19:27 GTA2
23:17 GTALondon
26:25 GTA3 Development
31:16 GTA3
44:58 Vice City Development
47:09 Vice City
55:05 The GTA Killer Controversy
57:25 San Andreas Development
59:47 San Andreas
01:10:55 GTA Advance
01:13:58 Liberty City Stories
01:18:57 Vice City Stories
01:22:58 GTAIV Development
01:28:02 GTAIV
01:41:44 The Lost and the Damned
01:44:01 The Ballad of Gay Tony
01:46:41 Chinatown Wars
01:50:26 Red Dead Redemption
01:52:24 GTAV Development
01:55:18 GTAV
02:04:30 GTAOnline
02:14:26 Conclusion


Mike Dailly's Website on DMA Design + Lemmings: http://bbs.dmadesign.org/

Check out Mike Dailly's official YouTube channel, with information on his GameMakersStudio game development program: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjqT02Q95o9o6_8wUsbOd6A

DMA Design Office Tour (Credit to Mike Dailly): https://youtu.be/f14k2j9V33Q

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Minor Corrections:
-Claude mispronounced.
-It's "Zed-X Spectrum" not Z-X-Spectrum
-Prototype footage of GTA1 and its associated design documents has been blurred (changes still processing atm)
-GTA2 was the first game to increase wanted level from 4 ->6, I never explicitly said GTA3 was the first to do this - but I just wanted to clarify as I didn't mention the increase in GTA2
-Double-Decker* Bus - not Triple-Decker. Must've had harry potter on the brain when recording that bit.
-Michael is "technically" not in witness protection, as many have noted - though it is implied initially. The concept is based on real-life criminals like Henry Hill that became FBI informants, only there's more to it than that. Throughout the story - Michael's relationship with the "FIB" is expanded upon more to reveal the truth about what happened (trying to avoid spoilers here)


Be sure to check out Mike Dailly's fantastic articles he wrote on the history of DMA Design: http://bbs.dmadesign.org/
He also has his own YouTube channel with tons of archival footage I highly recommend looking into: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjqT02Q95o9o6_8wUsbOd6A


Hey everyone! Kept you waiting huh? I present to you - my biggest project to date: The entire history of the Grand Theft Auto series, from the formation of DMA all the way up to the current state of GTAOnline. This series has a rich history, and one that I felt deserved no compromise - which is why I spent the last 4 weeks straight researching, writing, and editing to bring you what I feel is the most complete overview of the series.

To give you an idea of how much work into this one, I captured over 6 Terabytes of 4K footage, wrote a 60+page script, and managed to watch the entire 19 seasons of Family Guy in the background... gotta say... the later seasons aren't as bad as I remembered them being - still fun to watch.

For those of you wondering about Resident Evil Village, Mass Effect, and Returnal - yes those are all planned still. I just finished REVillage yesterday and am working on a comparison now. Mass Effect is next. Returnal coverage is delayed because my PS5 completely bricked on me while playing (it's been sent to Sony now for repairs - super annoying.....)

Stay tuned for more coverage of all the latest games! Schedule will return to normal now :)


I started with GTAIII, I went out and bought a PS2 specifically to play it. I was a little late to the game and didn't have to wait very long for Vice city which came out about 3 months or so later. Good times.


21:03 went on to become a police officer on a TV show

Chubbity Chubbs
Chubbity Chubbs

Great depiction of the history (and legacy) of GTA ūüĎŹ


2:11:16 ever played gta sa MTA this one is pretty old

obi wan
obi wan

So take 2 is the parent company right and not rockstar?


San andreas is perfect


1:13:54 bookmark


Incredible video


Daim nice gameing ! :D

Nick Horn
Nick Horn

This was incredibly entertaining...I am an instant fan


Not to long or maybe way long waite R* removed gta cars frome online.

Wich was even stranger.

Nice brake down tho for the history of gta i loved it.