I used 4 video from @MarioInATopHat :

Well. Off To Visit Your Mother *Luaghs*:

POOTIS: @Mittens...

Loudest Sounds Known to Man:
PondDoesStuff's Youtube Channel:

No no dont get closer D: :

TF2 spies when they see anyone not on their team:


[SFM] Steve Jobs: @WhimsicalVR

Kaboom [SFM]:

No words were needed:

It broke my heart to cancel the Heavy Update:

[TF2] Found The Red Spy: @BeanoWild


We Observe a little bit more trolling.:

Downey dies in heavy:

Spy's superior argument against Scout: @Epictf2bruhmoments

I love this game so much(Heavy Spy):

Take a look Gregory:

Bots Rekt:

[SFM] Scout touches soldiers bucket: @Steaky

Who hired you? [SFM]: @Murtle

Meet the Heavy, but BLU has bots:

Mr Incredible Becoming Canny (Plays TF2): @ZhainTF2

Willem Dafoe shows off his TF2 unusuals(Thumbnail): @Laurennntiu

Soup Can Demoman: @RandyButternips

Demoman becomes canny.:

TF2 self-defense methods (circa. 1999):
Youtube link: @TheSpookster

better than nothing(Map meme):

Sad walking Spider-Man meme but it's Scout TF2:

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But some creators rejected And some creators didn't answer me, that's why I couldn't use some videos. Still there are anonymous videos if you know the creators please let me know. I would like to reach the creator for permission.

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Why do i have the sudden urge to make a po** hub trick video that has a THINK FAST CHUCKLENUTS.


1:40 hes to young to aprechiate the legend that is team fortress 2


Guys by the time anyone sees this ill be doin something but rn im high af and drunk so now this shit so funny like idk why but the heavy face after the spegettios part got me bro that shit hilarious


3:19 he think not fast enough


1:42 i was NOT expecting a Hitman vr + tf2 meme in here.




Heavy's eyes are hella big 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


8:00 You wake up


The meme about Titanfall 2 made me a little angry inside lol


I just got an ad that was about come cream that prevents hiv featuring two guys


8:11 best defense course, I ever seen