Aspects and Platonic Realism in Homestuck (Part 2 Part 1 of an Analysis Series)

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In this video we begin what will likely be a very long discussion of Homestuck's aspect system. The aspects are Homestuck's magic system and there is a lot that makes it unique. They also play a very large part in presenting Homestuck's overall messages, so I think it will be prudent to spend as much time as possible here before tackling anything else. I hope everyone finds something interesting here, and think that they will. This video might seem a little rough around the edges in places. I'm still getting the hang of the editing process, and I'm also getting used to my new recording equipment so you will occasionally hear my keyboard or mouse in the background. I could spend endless amounts of time cleaning up and tweaking parts of this video to make it smoother and more watchable, but in the interest of keeping myself sane I am releasing it as is so that I can move on to doing more interesting things (i.e. the next video)

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08 May 2016